The World Around Us

Well We’re Movin’ On Up

Country: Mozambique by Marlowe


Our New PlaceLis and I have moved to a new place here in Maputo. Seems VSO has a new policy regarding couples: they prefer to have them stay at their own places as opposed to sharing with other vols.

The new place is north and west of the former location; taking us away from the wealthier expat area of Polana to a more middle-class neighbourhood (at least it seems that way). We feel the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Disadvantages are that we are further away from the program office and all the cool bars and more luxurious amenities. The new apartment is much smaller and we still have to iron out some things with internet and the like before we’ll really be comfortable.

Advantages are that we love the place. It’s easier to clean, in a less-expensive area that has all we could need (grocery stores, plenty of nice cafes and street produce vendors galore) and allows us to get familiar with a new part of town that is, to put it simply, a lot more “real”.

Another advantage is that we now have an excuse to throw another house warming party and have people over to check the flat out.