The World Around Us


Lisette has been sent by Cuso International to Mozambique to work as Organizational Development Adviser with ARISO. Cuso International is a strategic partner of Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO). VSO Mozambique’s strategic geographic focus is on the south of the country with a programmatic focus on education, HIV/AIDS and livelihood. HIV/AIDS and gender are mainstreamed across all programs.

Association for Rehabilitation and Social Integration (ARISO) is a partner organization of VSO. It last received volunteers a few years ago. ARISO’s mission is

“To promote actions to avoid the exclusion and stigmatization of people from their familiar environment and facilitate their rehabilitation and social integration.”

ARISO strives to promote integration of all into their respective social environments, combat social exclusion and provide access to income generation. To achieve this, the organization’s strategic plan focuses on the following areas:

– Monitoring of public policy & advocacy, especially towards imprisonment
– Rehabilitation & social integration, specifically for prisoners
– Institutional development

Lisette’s role is to support the growth of the organization through strategic focus, operational management, grant writing and communication provision.