The World Around Us

About Cuso

Cuso International is one of the largest international development organizations that work through volunteers in North America. Cuso International made it possible for us to work with local non-governmental organizations.

It was an easy decision for us to work with them, as we have known Cuso International for a number of years. Cuso International is a strategic partner with VSO, the organization that placed both Marlowe and Lisette in India where our fateful meeting took place.

So what does Cuso stand for? Simply put, the organization sends people like us instead of aid money to support long-term, sustainable solutions for development issues. We do this living on a similar salary and with comparable accommodations to our local colleagues.

Our time in India has altered our view on life, gave us amazing friends and showed us what really matters. We gave our colleagues and friends tools to support the capacity of their organization and we’ve been touched in ways we may never completely know or understand. This blog gives you a taste of that experience.

What makes us love Cuso International so much is the true collaboration at grassroots level. Local non-governmental organizations ask Cuso for specific skills to support the needs of their organization, feeding into country strategic plans that guide program staff. We are “do-gooders” within a mandate. Listening to the needs of local people develops that mandate; they’re the ones that know best.

You can donate to Cuso and support the next batch of volunteers here. For more information, visit Cuso’s website.