The World Around Us

Museu de Historia Natural

Country: Mozambique by Lisette


As we were walking back from a lovely time at Café Dhow, we passed Museu de Historia Natural. We knew it was somewhere, but never figured out where as we were focused on other things. Marlowe suddenly spotted century-old dinosaur-sculptures in a garden and mused if this was where the museum had been hiding from us.



We entered this beautiful colonial building and made our rounds. We were impressed with the efforts the museum makes to educate its visitors with such limited resources. It was obvious many displays are old and some are better maintained than others, but all in all in was a pleasurable visit. There is a small ethnographic collection that really made me want to leave this city right now and go deep into rural Mozambique.





Passing mama Hippo and her baby I had to fight the urge of patting her quietly on her head and whisper in her ear I’d meet her soon for real. Our trip to Maputo reserve had been canceled two weeks ago, but I’m not giving up!




Outside the museum lots of cute little lizards were buzzing around. As usual (those that remember my musings about Oz will know), I became mesmerized and watched quietly the lizard move around. Or rather, watch the lizard stare back at me. Slowly I’m inching closer to it until I see my chance and quickly use my cell phone to snap a picture.