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Last few days in New Zealand

Country: New Zealand by Lisette


Art Deco NapierThe last few days I spent wandering through a few places. I saw Napier, the Art Deco-town back on the North Island, and Mt. Manganui with its gorgeous yet busy beach and twin town Tauranga with its jazz festival. And then there was Thames, an old goldmine-town; I felt like I had unconsciously time traveled and visited the Great Frontier in United States!

Thames is also the place where I had some trouble finding a place to sleep. It turned out it was Easter Sunday, and every place was closed. Oh the joy of calling through open windows, checking locks and knocking on many doors.

The last place to visit, before heading back to Auckland and subsequently Australia for the last month of my trip, was Whitianga. Not only is it a cute town, it also boosts a wonderful youth hostel (important fact & experience after six months!). At the beach you can dig up your own hot springs (during ebb of course). Just dig for about a meter and don’t forget to throw in cold seawater or you will burn your skin!

Downside of it all? (You know me; if there’s a pro there is usually a con somewhere.) It’s such a curious thing to do that the place is overrun with tourists and you have to be careful not to be hit with a shovel on the beach.

As much as I have liked and loved parts of New Zealand, Australia keeps tugging at me. Because of the people, the weather, the history, the unexplored part? I am not certain of the answer, yet I know that I cannot wait to be on that plane flying back, having thoroughly enjoyed seeing New Zealand. (And slightly less enjoyed crossing the Tongariro!)