The World Around Us

Gettin’ ‘Er Done

Country: Mozambique by Marlowe


So what do you do when an important document was due to be sent and hour ago, your laptop won’t start due to some unknown error and the office you’re using suddenly loses power? There’s a UPS (backup battery) but it hasn’t worked in a while. You’re staring at a dead screen in a dark office.

Well, you disconnect the tower and bring it, via chapela (auto-rickshaw), to the place you were going to send it. That’s what me and my boss did yesterday when the rolling blackouts of Maputo hit after a two-day respite. Carrying the tower in our hands, we walked to the nearest chapela stand and rode over to the office. There, we scrambled under tables for the right cords and got to work. About an hour later, we had the job done and were on our way back to the (still powerless) office.

That’s right folks, that’s how you get it done in developing countries.