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Marathon training: 41 days left

Country: Canada by Marlowe


The last training on the 5th had gone well at just over 7 KPH, but things like street lights and pedestrians had been major obstacles. Also I was wearing runners that I bought in India in 2008, as my feet reminded me later.

It was time for a new pair. Scarborough Town Centre had a nice pair of Nike Lunar Glides in my size and I decided to kill two birds and walk back in the new shoes. I had to do 17.6 KM in less than 2.5 hours to exceed 7 KPH.

Google Maps chooses the shortest path by road between two points and this path was rather complex. Going the wrong way added some 10 minutes and 0.8 KM to the train, making it 18.2 KM in total. Better shoes and a scarcity of street lights made a big difference and I finished in 2 hours and 35 minutes (155 minutes). That’s just over 7 KPH. Of course during the Scotiabank event, I won’t have to contend with street lights or getting lost and if you take five minutes off the time for that, I was moving at 7.25 KPH. Everything seems to be going all right so far. Of course this is not even half of the distance I’ll have to keep that speed up but I’m optimistic I’ll be able to adapt.

Proceeds of my fundraising will go to Cuso International .