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Marathon training: 22 days left

Country: Canada by Marlowe


It’s been a while since I’ve had time for a proper training session. I managed to get away from the computer on the 28th of September and have a quick go for a few hours.

I walked from my place just west of St. Clair and Yonge and headed up towards the 401 highway. I had recently discovered that the marathon is in fact 43 kilometers and not 42. Sure, that’s only 1 KM more, but it’s good to know what I’m up against.

In any case, my goal here was to walk this route’s 14.8 KMs in less than 130 minutes and did so in 125. That’s about 7.1 KPH including waiting for the streetlights, so that puts me on time for the 43 KMs later next month. I’m not sure how much time was lost at streetlights but am hoping subtracting that time from the walk makes me fast enough. Wish me luck!

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