The World Around Us

Marlowe Andreyko

Hi, I’m Marlowe Andreyko: the other half behind this website. You probably already know that this blog is about our adventures and trying to do good work in the world.

In my career as Graphic Designer I knew that I wanted to experience the world. Though terrified of flying, I decided to apply to VSO on a whim in 2006, and found myself two months later standing in the customs line of New Delhi airport. I was going to build The Deaf Way a website.

A few weeks later I would meet Lisette in Goa.

The next two years were a total whirlwind: the website was built, my deaf colleagues taught how to use it, and a great deal more. I had been on more than 40 flights and overcame my fear of flying, traveled through India and Vietnam with Lisette and made some great friends along the way. By January 2009 I was back in Toronto and had another thing to look forward to: getting married to Lisette.

Last year, Lis and I took up more international work; this time in Mozambique . We now look forward to the next adventure!

If you want to know more about our professional lives, visit my LinkedIn profile and portfolio website .