The World Around Us

Whitsunday Islands

Country: Australia by Lisette


Where ever you go, he’s there!

Airlie Beach with its one short street is the gateway to the Whitsunday Islands. It’s quiet here and not much more to do then sunbathing, photographing the enormous bright green frogs and getting a tour to the islands. I decline many offers to go sailing for 3 to 7 days and decide to go for a quick day tour with Ocean Rafting.

And there I went on basically a speedboat to the world famous Whitsunday Islands. Two boats leave at the same time from the dock and play games with one another so we sure don’t stay dry! But who cares when you are getting close to Whitehaven Beach, the biggest island around here that is basked in sunlight. The beach carries fine, white soft sand; I think I have arrived in heaven!

Locals use the sand to polish their silver (it works!) and clean their skin. Some even state that they brush their teeth with it. Err… That’s nice, but I’m not about to find out! No, I am just here to enjoy the clear Sapphire blue ocean and bask in the sun for a brief moment before scuffling out of the sun to find shade.

Last exciting moment of the day – choose your washroom accessory, tarantula or lizard!