The World Around Us

What’s up in early ’11?

Country: Canada by Lisette



The winter was cold – very cold. It also gave us beautiful days with fresh snow and sun shine. A good time to decide to dress warm, rent snow-shoes and get out for a lovely hike. Love it so much, I’m determined to buy a pair next year and get moving.

2011 is the “Investment Year”

Marlowe and I branded 2011 as our Investment Year. Marlowe’s business is growing and I have a new job and study. Lack of spare time is the result, along with learning new stuff and relaxing with good dinner. As much as I love to cook – I barely have the time, often not even in the weekend. On the plus side, we are able to spent time with friends.

Developing standards

My job as “Standards Development Specialist” is developing more and more and I am getting to know more and more colleagues, programs and departments. Presently I am focusing most of my time on developing a process model for a program for newcomers, research adult learning principles as well as guiding principles for settlement and evaluation. Thirdly, I am managing 10 Business Analysis students who analyze 5 programs for us.

Non-Profit Management

My study started in January and my first course is over. Boy oh boy, not easy to return back to school! Not so much for the material as finding the time (or the discipline) and dealing with a teacher that is not ‘in sync’ with his students. Never did I mind writing as much as I did the past month. Yet I love learning more about the trends in the non-profit sector in Canada.

Elections in Ontario and Canada

Ontario decided to call the month May “Dutch Heritage Month”. Not sure why this is deemed important for our provincial government! Especially with the upcoming elections (May 5 federal elections and October ’11 Ontario elections), it is not yet sure how the Liberals (now in charge in Ontario) will do. The general public seems to like the Conservatives more and more. Again, not sure why as the Harper government time and again showed it doesn’t really care about democracy and its people.

EarthHourBday2011Birthdays and Earth Hour

We celebrated our birthday together (Marlowe created the beautiful invitation). We asked everyone to bring a candle, which they did! This resulted in a great candle light party.

Ernestine’s Affair

Like last year, we went to the well-visited annual fundraising gala for Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter. We had a great time and were able to “make a deal” with one of the silent auction items.


Three movies that are a must-see


Upcoming events

  • Webinars, conferences and … a night with Cirque du Soleil, the well-known acrobatic organization from Quebec is visiting Toronto in the summer with its Totem show.
  • More photography events! I am currently waiting for the cherry blossoms on the Sakura Trees to bloom in High Park (a gift from the Japanese government to Toronto).
  • A wedding and our own 2-year anniversary in May. We are planning to honor Montreal with a visit from us! 🙂