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Wanaka and its lakes

Country: New Zealand by Lisette


This week a very short blog post as I am in between glaciers and Queenstown’s helicopters (or so is my plan.


What I can say – and will – is that Wanaka is a stunning area. The mountains of the national park are giving the area the rugged backdrop, while Lake Wanaka provides the town and park with quiet, rippling, reflections.

101-Wanaka-e.o.WThe town is small and without many tourists.





102-Weeping-WillowWAbout every five or ten minutes, I feel compelled to stand still, enjoy the wind rustling the leaves in the trees or just sit and look at the lake.




The area is well known for its hiking trails (over 750 kilometres). This website gives a lot of tips about what to do and what to expect.