The World Around Us

Time to try something new!

Country: Mozambique by Lisette


Today, Marlowe came home with unidentified fruit. The vendor across the street didn’t have sufficient change and gave Marlowe three pieces of yellow, wrinkled fruit instead. Curiously, we opened the fruit and stared at jelly-looking whitish fruit with big black seeds. Just a bit apprehensive, Marlowe took a bite. He then exclaimed joyfully: “Passion fruit! Try it Lis.” Must admit my bite was definitely smaller than his initial bite, but mmm.. such a sweet explosion of heaven for your taste buds.


Later that day, I was happy to cook Indian once again. Strangely enough, I didn’t cook Indian in Toronto, but here I am remembering it all (or I check a recipe on Guess I have too now there’s no Little India to go to! Because there is a larger Indian and Pakistani population in Mozambique, it is easy to find the right spices. The chilies here are different, but oh boy, piri-piri is HOT!


Rice, dal and veggies.