The World Around Us


Country: Australia by Lisette


My first week down under was focused on getting used to sun, big city life, youth hostels, and relaxing. (And hiding for fellow Dutchies and Germans) Eight years later I remember fondly how friendly people were in Australia’s largest city; that was the only time a stranger opened up her umbrella as the sky opened and beckoned me under while we were waiting for a traffic light. As we were heading in the same direction, this lovely woman walked me ‘dry’ to a mall.

A substantial part of this week was devoted to planning my next few weeks. I decided to start my backpacking adventures up north to beat the rainy season. To spice my week up from studying the Lonely Planet and travel brochures, I went to some museums and instantly fell in love with Aboriginal art. The opposite was true for my encounter with the Opera House  – distinctly disliked the architecture! (Must be the only person in the world putting this in a blog)

Something else I remember, less fondly, was getting soaked while nervously watching lightning hit the water on a small island named Manly. I never liked the act of getting rained on and so I walked faster and faster, trying to leave the forest path that kept me close to rough waves. If I could have run, I would have. But with all the crazy tree roots, that wasn’t a bright idea. After half an hour or so, I found a small cafe where I could dry up. As the storm calmed down, the ferry services  started again. I slowly breathed out.