The World Around Us

Router Land

Country: Mozambique by Lisette


Yay, Marlowe was able to get the Internet hooked up at the apartment! All he needed was a signed and very precise document from the landlord, wait in line at the local Internet distributor and wave a wag of bills. It sure is pricey, but hey – we like being hooked up to the net.

Back in Router Land I forgot that being wired means literally just that! I am plugging the shortest Internet cable in my laptop and automatically wait for the wireless connection. Whoops, forgot the second part really isn’t needed.

The router is not exactly in the best location, being thrown in a corner of the single bedroom. And with three people wanting to Skype or update their Facebook page, I can just imagine the grumbling that will pass between us if we’re not careful.

So, this weekend we, err.. Marlowe, will be hunting for a wireless router. Now, who wants a Skype date?

Our spacious living room where all sounds travels upward.