The World Around Us

Our sweet apartment!

Country: Mozambique by Lisette


View from our balcony.

We’ve been incredibly lucky with settling in Maputo. When we arrived, tired, sweaty and slightly grumpy, VSO staff brought us to our 3-bedroom apartment. At that time, we thought this was temporary only, but instead the apartment has become our little oasis of peace.

Our apartment lies in a small, but long avenue that is sandwiched between two major streets, Eduardo Mondlane and 24 de Julho. The street is beautifully tree-lined and close to us are a couple of adorable day care centres and kindergartens. We’re in the fancy part of Maputo, though certainly not in the most expensive part where all the embassy folks live.

As mentioned in my first blog post, after we arrived we have had to work slowly to equip our apartment; which mostly means equipping the kitchen. Every time I find something else, I come home excited. It’s good to remember how important it is to be happy with the little things in life, such as finding a serving spoon and some spices. It’s happy cooking time in Mozambique!


Living room.