The World Around Us

My Ozzie Family

Country: Australia by Lisette


Barry, Avis, John, me and Grant.

It’s time to visit my Ozzie family that I met during my first weeks in Australia, driving through the outback. They live in Ipswich, which is located close to Brisbane. It’s a cute little town that’s sprawled out with lots of green spaces and quite a few ‘old’ buildings. Mind you, in Australia everything between 1830 and 1900 is considered ancient!

It has been such fun to see them again and meet their sons John and Grant. John told me he always wanted a little sister and decided within the first hour that I should be that sister. How sweet! Due to extremely unlucky circumstances, they have a slight genetic abnormality. Both boys work half days and lead their own lives, yet it was obvious they are depending a fair bit on their parents.

Avis’ great grandfather erected the Apostolic Church of Queensland and we went there to sing a couple of Christmas songs in preparation for all the holiday festivities. We had a hilarious moment when I was introduced to the pastor who slowly and extremely well articulated asked me “Do you speak English?” in a serious tone. I though Barry lost it. Admittedly, I nearly lost it a couple of times too, first when I heard the Ozzie version of Jingle Bells sung and secondly when I heard John sing. I am a famously bad singer, so together we were shaking up the crowd a little.