The World Around Us

Mission Beach’s Dunk Island

Country: Australia by Lisette


Riding high from my hot air balloon experience I am off to Mission Beach, a short bus ride south on Australia’s east coast. I expect wonders from this little place that is highly priced in Lonely Planet, totally disregarding the monsoon started.

This meant I had time to put another entry in my travel diary, got some food and made a nice dinner while yapping with some of the other travelers. The colourful hostel where I stayed could be transported via a time-travel machine to the 1970s. The owners insist we have to walk barefooted inside and there are no house or room keys (except for bathrooms).

Despite the continuous rain I decide to go to Dunk Island because I cannot imagine doing nothing for another day! The 20-minute boat ride was quite something, the sea was very rough and we were rocked pretty badly on the boat. For the first time in my life I understand a little what it means to be seasick. Oh dear, how I petty those who are…

Ordering a cup of tea, my magic poison for nausea, my shakiness becomes less and less. I feel stronger to face the rain and a small hill (271 metres) as I put on my long pair of trousers, raincoat, plop a hat on and take my hiking stick out of my backpack. Let’s go on discovery!

Through a modest rainforest I climb the paths (with exceptionally well signage) trying to hide a little from this ongoing downpour. Every few metres I check if I’m certain I can go down again as I don’t see too many people out here. But I’m doing well with my to do list and that keeps me going.

Lisette’s To Do List:

Kakadu NP – check

Cape York – check

Hot Air Balloon – check

Reach the top of Dunk Island’s ‘mountain’ – check!