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Lisette’s Four Torontonian Reasons

Country: Canada by Lisette


Trying to put together a top three about Toronto, I realized there was actually a top four of why I like the city so much. So here they are:

Image friendsMeeting Old and New Friends

Returning to my home base reminds me of feeling safe and fuzzy under my duvet as a child when I was hiding for the Witch and her accomplices. I never thought I had monsters under my bed, but I was at times convinced an old witch was hovering at the door. I would tuck myself in nicely with my favourite stuffed animals next to me and felt nothing and nobody could hurt me.


I no longer sleep with stuffed animals, but being surrounded by family and friends makes me feel safe and fuzzy all over again. It was sad to leave new friends made in Maputo behind but I know I will be making new friends throughout my life.

Image consultancyStarting Consultancy

I am taking the plunge and am establishing my own company dedicated to organizational development for start-up businesses and community organizations. The main focus lies on linking strategic management.

Marlowe has been helpful with branding and this week I am starting to blog!

A business plan is in the works, while I get out there and mingle. Stay tuned for the blog as a runner-up for the website. When it’s all worked out I will present the website.

I have been working with one client already, a young non-profit organization, on strategic planning. The energy in the room amazes me every time we meet and I feel blessed to work with entrepreneurs and passionate people.

Image cookiesThe Food

Toronto has the best foods from anywhere in the world. It has Ethiopian, Bolivian, Indian, European food and the American fast-food joints. We joke about the richness of the Dutch and English kitchen to the worldly palate we savour any day. To joke a little more, the Canadian timbits from Tim Hortons are about the best Canada offers us and I like them about once a year.

But lets be serious, I would much rather settle for a sesame-seed bagel with cream cheese and for a snack the oatmeal raisin cookie (also Canadian). To me, this is one of the greatest cookies in the world. Fannie Merritt Farmer came up with this recipe in 1896 and within a couple of years, Quaker Oats Company brought it all over North America.

13-08-01-Rhubarb-SauceWNow that I have given (again) away my Dutch heritage, I’d like to share my recent excitement about rhubarb. Having never seen a bunch of rhubarb in any store or market in or around Toronto, I was delighted to learn acquaintances grow rhubarb in their garden. I shared how much I had always loved my mother’s slightly sour rhubarb sauce and a week later I found myself making it for the first time. The first batch was a bit too sweet yet I ate like I was served a King’s dish with a complimentary Dutch meal.

Discovering New Places

With friends we discovered two fantastic places in a favourite part of Toronto: Chinatown. The last few years, board games have become cool once again and few cafés tried to make use of this trend. They offer the unique combination of enjoying time with friends in a relaxed atmosphere with good food and a wide range of board games. And such a wonderful place opened up in downtown Chinatown, Castle Board Game Café.

Image boardgameAfter we tried out a new game, in which I was a brave yet drunken hero with at times magic dice throwing skills, we went to Celebrity Hotpot on Spadina, just south of Dundas. The experience was more than splendid. It starts with your choice of broth and an unusual wide variety of sauces. The freshly cut meat, fish and vegetables complement this with friendly yet busy staff. Waiting times increase at dinnertime, so come early!