The World Around Us

‘Lighthousing’ on New Year’s Eve

Country: Australia by Lisette


Actively I started walking to Byron Bay’s lighthouse, pheww some stairs! It just kept going and going and going. Beautiful walk and absolutely well worth for the views and the walk back through the subtropical rainforest.

I was glad the entire day I went out and saw the lighthouse because this year’s December 31st was totally focused on trying to find space and peace in the youth hostel. While the staff has fled for a couple of days, it seems the entire building has been taken over by waves of young people getting ready for mad clubbing on the beaches.

I happily prepare a little meal and enjoy it with a few good glasses of wine. I don’t think anyone was sober that night! Together with a small group we head out to the beach to view the fireworks. It’s an amazing sight, no the fireworks but the mad party! The entire town centre was blocked for cars because travelers flooded it. A lot of folks just came over in their car and that’s where they slept (or on the beach or on a patch of grass). Plenty of stages with live music and parties on the street is what I remember so many years after.

And so January first is marked with sleeping in, relaxing, sunbathing, and many remarks for silence. The entire buzz has left the building and it felt like it needed to recuperate for a couple of days. Perhaps this is why staff left us alone for three days?