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Happy Twenty Ten!!

Country: Canada by Lisette


Wishing you all the best for the new year while I revisit the past few months of 2009, wondering at the same time what the fall may bring me a year later.

halloween eblast09H al l o w e e n

Hallowe’en is a yearly holiday that always happens on 31st October, a tradition that entails “trick-or-treating” for the kids who go around the neighbourhood hoping the adults will give them sweets. You end up seeing carved pumpkins and spooky gardens while others tell you horror stories and people dress up.

And so I ended up “thrifting” with my friend Carly, searching for the perfect set of second-hand clothing for our party! I ended up going as GI Jane, Marlowe as a civilized caveman (a character from a Canadian commercial from his youth).


Me and Carly (as Riveter Rita), Marlowe as caveman

T H A N K S G I V I N G   &   C H R I S T M A S

To me, Thanksgiving is a holiday like Christmas. Give thanks to those around you and eat, eat, eat. North-American tradition is a stuffed turkey, while we Dutchies go crazy over a holiday called Sinterklaas (a.k.a. St. Nicholas), certain sweets like speculaas and sending Xmas-cards. Interesting fact is that Santa Claus is made up by Coca Cola and derived from his European counterpart. The Andreyko-tradition is to play xmas-bingo (or blackjack like this year); we won massively and went home with 6 pounds in nuts!


I had the opportunity to shoot a tiny, just born, baby boy and a lovely couple that just got engaged. For more pictures, please see Portrait Photography.


T H E   R E S T O F   M Y   T I M E

… was spent undertaking some short hikes in and around the city, in lovely fall weather and in minus eleven degrees catching the snowflakes as they whirled down upon us, many Skype calls, some delicious lunches and dinners (food is the way how people interact in Toronto) trying out many different dishes from all over the world, and volunteerism. I had a few hectic months with volunteering for three different organizations that have clients from marginalized communities. I began a new journey as candidate board member for a women’s shelter and learned lots as I got submerged in fundraising tasks. I left HSDC but am starting at MicroSkills, a professional non-profit that focuses on female newcomers to the Greater Toronto Area.