The World Around Us

Great Keppel Island

Country: Australia by Lisette


It’s all about the beaches, not just in Australia but also especially in Queensland and it seems even more so on Great Keppel Island. This small island has seventeen beaches. They are all accessible; you just to do a bit of climbing, jumping and walking or crawling.

Great Keppel Island

Together with my new friend Ally, I am determined to discover some of those beaches. The first one is nearby and can be reached by slivering over mossy rocks, by swimming or by treading over a small and winding path. Sounds like fun! When we reach the signs for directions we have the briefest of discussion about which way we should try out. Ally is not a good swimmer and a warning concerning an undercurrent makes her uncomfortable. Since rocks and heights freak me out, we unanimously vote for “the path”.

Imagine gorgeous views of the beach we’re heading to (the picture doesn’t do it justice), while we talk about everything and nothing. Oh oh, I have to climb 2 metres down and it’s practically vertical. Sigh, almost two months into the country I suddenly feel like I’ve had it with this country. Ally is the sweetest, but I don’t trust her fine hands enough to help me down. “If I fall, she won’t be able to help”, I think desperately.

Luckily for me, there are always people close to a beach and a cheerful Ozzie boy gives me confidently a hand, saying “just slide on your bum if you don’t want to stand up”. And so I did. He merrily added “Other beaches are easier to reach, but this island has a lot of cliffs, be careful.” Like I needed to hear about cliffs!

In the water it is my turn to help Ally. We wade slowly in the water and I warn her when the water suddenly becomes much deeper. Practicing school swimming we get a lot of exercise in lovely cool, clear blue water.

The next day we decide to venture out to another beach with more amazing views and camels. Turns out that Saudi Arabia imports Queensland’s camels for camel racing! Who knew? The paths are winding and at times steep, but as along as I go slowly, concentrate and look where Ally puts her feet, I get there.

That night a drunken traveler decides to pee in the room. He clearly had no idea where the heck he was. My furious protests wake him up and he starts using his flashlight. The look on his face when he realized he was in the middle of the dorm! The rest of the night I see his flashlight going on while he is checking if his pee hasn’t gone everywhere. So disgusting..