The World Around Us

Gettin’ ‘Round Maputo

Country: Mozambique by Marlowe


Perhaps this video is an exaggeration, but getting around on foot in Maputo does require vigilance and, on occasion, agility.

For the most part, it’s the cars that have the right of way. On a green light and if turning left (English-style driving orientation makes this the easy turn) vehicles will charge in front of pedestrians attempting to traverse. For the most part crossing in front of a vehicle far off in the distance is a safe bet, but pay attention because some folks here can put some pedal down unless it’s the brake.

I rather like the fast pace of commuting around here. Having walked a lot and been on a few chapas and at least one chapela (aka. TukTuk or auto rickshaw), I can say that being alert and agile can shave minutes off your daily commute.