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Byron Bay’s Bed Crisis

Country: Australia by Lisette


And here I am in beachy Byron Bay. The sand is everywhere!

My arrival was not so great… No problems with the bus, but the youth hostel that was supposed to send someone over to pick me up, did not and the Night Manager was unavailable. Luckily, someone else let me in but a bed cannot be found for me. I got a little upset about not having a bunk bed for the night, no matter how crappy it probably would have been, but it was booked and paid for already.

I am settling into the TV-room because it has a carpet and I can just use my sleeping bag for the night. Before falling asleep someone mentions to me that there’s a staff member found in the kitchen, and so I practically storm into the kitchen demanding an explanation. Turns out my arrival was well prepared but not communicated. Having jumped to conclusions was (again) not helping me.

And so I slept soundly on a bed that was surprisingly comfortable too! For more info about Byron Bay during New Year’s, click here.