The World Around Us

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Country: Australia by Lisette


If you have traveled for a longer period of time you know what it is like to meet new people on the road or at your hostel. Within a few minutes the cross-examination starts. Where are you from? What have you seen so far? Where are you heading? What is your favourite place and why? How come your English is so well? What do you think of this and that? One of the most important questions is how long have you been here? Depending on this answer, you either rise or fall in your fellow traveler’s opinion.

Though I participate in and have initiated these types of conversations, it is at times tiring and boring. Maybe you just don’t feel like meeting new people and sharing the same story. Or perhaps you don’t want others to tell you what to expect at the next stop in your travel itinerary. Tonight, I want to wear a t-shirt that says leave me alone. Tomorrow, I will be chatty again.