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What I Love About Maputo: Lisette’s Top Ten

We’re three months in Maputo; that calls for a reflective blog post. Or so is my public reasoning for writing a blog article about my newfound love for Mozambique and […]

Posted by: Lisette

Date: December 7, 2012

His Dignity and My Humbleness

The other day I was sitting at a local pastry shop enjoying a delicious moist cake when I got a lesson in dignity and self-respect. When I looked up at […]

Posted by: Lisette

Date: November 23, 2012

Marlowe on truck.

Well We’re Movin’ On Up

Lis and I have moved to a new place here in Maputo. Seems VSO has a new policy regarding couples: they prefer to have them stay at their own places […]

Posted by: Marlowe

Date: November 11, 2012

My passionate colleagues

Boa tarde! It is time to write about my work and my fabulous colleagues after I’ve been here two months and worked for one month. I owe much to them […]

Posted by: Lisette

Date: November 1, 2012

Museu de Historia Natural

As we were walking back from a lovely time at Café Dhow, we passed Museu de Historia Natural. We knew it was somewhere, but never figured out where as we […]

Posted by: Lisette

Date: October 23, 2012

It’s a whole new world: cornbread

We invited Fadi and Lucia over for a goodbye dinner as they left today for Uruguay. Such is the volunteer life: transient. In the past couple of weeks, Fadi and […]

Posted by: Lisette

Date: October 21, 2012

Catembe’s splendor

If you want a quick fix and get out of Maputo, you go to Catembe. It’s a walk down to the pier, a 20-minute ferry ride that costs 5MZN (17 […]

Posted by: Lisette

Date: October 12, 2012

Empty gas bottle

Bummer! I’m all set to go to cook up a storm and prepare biryani, yellow dal and some other veg dishes. I have soaked the lentils in water for a […]

Posted by: Lisette

Date: October 8, 2012

Gettin’ ‘Round Maputo

Perhaps this video is an exaggeration, but getting around on foot in Maputo does require vigilance and, on occasion, agility. For the most part, it’s the cars that have the […]

Posted by: Marlowe

Date: October 7, 2012

No more David’s Tea

I ran out of David’s Tea, no more organic English Breakfast or Taiwan Oolong! 🙁 Found good Chinese green tea, but I need a strong cuppa in the morning to […]

Posted by: Lisette

Date: October 5, 2012