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Much of Mozambique moves to the rhythms of the harvest and the monsoon. The Portuguese came after hearing tales of gold fields in 1498.

External support helped form the Frente pela Libertaçao de Moçambique (Frelimo), the independence movement. After the Portuguese were forced to leave in 1975, Frelimo and the anti-Communist resistance party Renamo forced the country into a civil war that lasted until 1992. Things began to get better after the peace agreement was signed. The country began to move forward almost immediately after this took place.

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First Impressions

“I’m in Africa!” I mumble aloud a couple of times each day. I nudge Marlowe regularly to make sure he too remembers we’re in Mozambique. The tiny sweet apples taste […]

Posted by: Lisette

Date: September 6, 2012