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Map of Australia


So many flashbacks come to my mind reminiscing about my backpacking adventures in Australia. The adventurous feeling of not knowing if you’ll like your next destination; the amazing and dreamlike tropical, lush, beaches; the strange and often colourful animals.

Seeing the sunrise above the water in Kakadu National Park is etched in my memory, and it was utterly smashing to have my Ozzie ‘family’ at our wedding five years later!

And, .. ah.. Uluru. Boringly named Ayers Rock by the English in 1874, Uluru is sacred to the Anangu, the Aboriginal people of the area. In the middle of the desert, there is suddenly this formidable and beautiful sandstone formation. The origins of Uluru go back to the Dreamtime era in which ancestral spirit beings created the world.

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Great Keppel Island

It’s all about the beaches, not just in Australia but also especially in Queensland and it seems even more so on Great Keppel Island. This small island has seventeen beaches. […]

Posted by: Lisette

Date: December 5, 2004

Whitsunday Islands

Airlie Beach with its one short street is the gateway to the Whitsunday Islands. It’s quiet here and not much more to do then sunbathing, photographing the enormous bright green […]

Posted by: Lisette

Date: December 1, 2004

Cute baby Crocodiles

Believe it or not, but my breakie got stolen!! Now that puts me in a temporary bad mood going hungry to the store to get my cereal, eating as fast […]

Posted by: Lisette

Date: November 27, 2004

Mission Beach’s Dunk Island

Riding high from my hot air balloon experience I am off to Mission Beach, a short bus ride south on Australia’s east coast. I expect wonders from this little place […]

Posted by: Lisette

Date: November 25, 2004

Hot Air Ballooning

My sister once got my mother angry when she started jumping up and down on a wooden bridge while we were walking on a lovely Sunday afternoon with the family. […]

Posted by: Lisette

Date: November 23, 2004

Cape York – You Gotta Love It!

Five nights of bush camping, will I survive? Oh yeah, did I ever! I went just before the rainy season started and Cape York, the northeast peninsula of Australia, gets […]

Posted by: Lisette

Date: November 21, 2004

Darwin to Cairns in four days!

Desperate to see the world famous outback I decided not to fly from Darwin to Cairns (northeast of Australia) and booked a tour. It took us, a group of ten […]

Posted by: Lisette

Date: November 9, 2004

Kakadu National Park

100% Humidity and 43 degrees Celsius; and that’s only one of my flashbacks. Few other instant memory sparks: the only dry waterfall I have ever seen, Aboriginal cave paintings, changing […]

Posted by: Lisette

Date: October 30, 2004

Blue Mountains

My first trip to see “the real Australia” was to the Blue Mountains. That’s not so real yet, but heck what did I know? Full of energy and a camera […]

Posted by: Lisette

Date: October 27, 2004


My first week down under was focused on getting used to sun, big city life, youth hostels, and relaxing. (And hiding for fellow Dutchies and Germans) Eight years later I […]

Posted by: Lisette

Date: October 25, 2004