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An eclectic but busy Toronto summer

Country: Canada by Lisette


09-09-13 LisetteIf I say “eclectic” in this context, what does it mean? Let’s look at the word, it of course comes from the Greeks and has two general meanings, a) selecting individual elements from a variety of sources, systems or styles or b) made up of elements from a variety of sources. Phew, what a sentence! But obviously, to me -as I know what I did during the summer- my summer was eclectic due to many elements from a variety of sources. Sources as marriage, job hunting, camping, new friends, the Canadian non-profit sector, government applications, a new place (two in fact!).

Let’s pick at these elements one by one and you’ll understand my eclectic summer! Marriage, well that’s a whole new commitment! Seems to suit me just fine, my former reservations that I had years ago are vanished like the summer weather has in Toronto! Let’s just say that like you have fusion-dishes who have won in popularity, marriage develops into a fusion-relationship meaning that we both learn new thinking-patterns.

Job hunting certainly improved my writing and communication skills, with so many cover letters to make up. I seem to have found a format that works for me and I’m proud to say I’m associated now with three, possibly four organizations! Sure, all positions are voluntary but it gives me great exposure and experience to the Canadian non-profit sector, something I’ll desperately need once my papers come in and I can start searching for paid positions. I never turned my back on my philosophical beliefs and work now with some great organizations. I work mostly as a fundraiser and help programs to develop into sustainable changes in people’s lives, like newcomers, people living with disabilities, battered women, and at-risk youth in districts with many low-income families.

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Job hunting also served as my Toronto-map! I’ve never seen so many places and used TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) as intensive as now. It’s a little tiring and after my initial crush on public transit I see a few faults, but am still impressed with the amount of services delivered. From far west (newcomer organization) I go to the far east as a board member to a women’s shelter, and from the south at the lake to work with people living with disability, I find myself going north to Markham (for my Business English course). Useful time for reading books about the many topics I want to learn more about and of course to keep me updated about Toronto and Canada via the free newspaper Metro. For example about the nose-worthy stinking garbage-strike we had here this summer.

09-09-13-MarloweMaking new friends and camping further seems to be worth mentioning here as I’ve been able to meet amazing people here in Toronto and hook up with them. Camping made my passion for nature probably more immature with civilized camping grounds! But I suppose that we got at least some clear air that we fancied living in a condo downtown. A condo, the abbreviation for condominium, is an apartment that Canadians call condo once you purchase it, in combination with access to common facilities like a gym.

We lived for a while in Marlowe’s parents’ condo, a lovely place in the heart of the city, but just moved into a new place. We now rent the attic of a lovely old Victorian house, still downtown but in a more residential neighborhood. It is amazing how easy we transformed from living in a brand new apartment to a hundred-year old house. We’re still living with a few unpacked boxes, need more shelving, desperately need to vacuum the place and are getting used to strange creaks and noises, but loving it!

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In the mean time I’ve started up my own website for photography, and had several successful photoshoots. Soon, I’ll share a few pictures on Facebook, for now you can check out the website. Each and every time I learn something new and exciting, realize different opportunities and such. Other elating moments included an interview with a magazine for ICT-students, learning to frisbee and writing a newsletter for the first time ever. And standing on the glass plate in the CN Tower..